Technology Platform

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EmpowerMeBenefits uses a powerful underlying technology platform. bswift has been an industry leader in benefits administration since 1996 serving hundreds of customers and solution resellers from small employers to Fortune 500 employers. The bswift platform is built upon proven technology and is utilized in several exchanges including New York’s HealthPass, the Utah exchange and Access Connecticut.  bswift’s exchange technology is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of a client from choosing and enrolling in coverage to managing your coverages on an ongoing basis. To communicate and manage a broad choice of benefit plans, bswift offers Best-Fit, an intuitive decision support tool that factors in your lifestyle to suggest the best plans. Ask Emma, a compliment to Best-Fit, is an avatar that walks employees through their choices. The combination of client quotation and employee decision support positions bswift as the strongest platform for building an exchange environment.