Marketplace Solutions

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Benefits Administration or Private Exchange – we offer both

Depending on the size of your organization, our platform delivers several levels of flexibility in plan choice, contribution strategy and employer set-up. Below are our three solution models:

  1. Packaged Exchanges – Generally for smaller employers (50-200 employees) that want to get their exchange solution up and running quickly and cost-effectively. We partner with the leading health, dental, life, disability and ancillary coverage providers to provide you with a choice of benefit plans. You select from a set menu of choices, define your contribution amount, and we set you up.
  2. Flexible Exchanges – For employers that desire a private exchange solution that allows some flexibility around the choice of insurance markets. We will work with your broker to identify health carriers that work off the same platform as our package exchange, but with greater flexibility around the selection of health plans.
  3. Custom Solution – Generally reserved for employers with over 500 employees, these applications allow employers to build the framework for an exchange within their current and future employee benefit plans.