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Defined Contribution Video

Keep up with current changes in the market – Your business has changed in a dramatic way. ACA compliance requirements and health plan utilization is making it more challenging for you to offer competitive benefits. As costs are being shifted to your employees, they want to be more empowered to make plan choices that meet their needs. With compliance and other demands, your clients are overloaded with extensive HR benefits administration which is not allowing them to address other core concerns. And, younger, tech-savvy employees are more comfortable and familiar with the technology solutions to manage their work environment. Our solutions help address these concerns by providing a platform where employers can define their plan contribution, stay in compliance and support the broader needs of a diverse employee population.

Key benefits

  • Control employer cost through defined contribution
  • Address broad needs of your workforce by providing benefit packages that meets their individual needs
  • Reduce manual HR process through online benefits administration
  • Enhance decision support and employee benefits communication
  • Manage ACA compliance

Stay compliant with health care reform (ACA)– Health care reform and other regulations have added additional accountability and reporting requirements, making it difficult to manage without some form of automation.  This includes: affordability measurements, W2 reporting and other notices to the employees and pending tax filings. Our platform provides all of these capabilities so you stay in compliance.

Get the support and expertise you need– The EmpowerMeBenefits team has been working with brokers for over 15 years. As your business partner, we want to ensure you are putting your best foot forward with your clients by offering high-quality enrollment and administration services.